INFORMATION: The Book on Steroids

Part of the reason I created this website was to help promote a novel I wrote in which a pair of teenage siblings get tangled up in the world of anabolic steroids.  This site has developed into something more than I'd first envisioned, however, and if you've come here looking for facts about steroids and other Appearance and Performance Enhancing Drugs (APEDs), I don't want my commercial interests getting in the way of that.  So I've quarantined my novel to its own section.  If you'd like to hear more about it, click on BrokenBrother and come on by.

The rest of this section is going to address what the medical community has learned about APEDs, with the bulk of the material being devoted to anabolic steroids.  We'll talk about what anabolic steroids are, what they're not, and what they're supposed to do on a physiological basis.  Then we'll hit the good stuff.  Imagine, for example, that in your role as mad scientist you hooked an IV drip to a hampster's brain.  Know what happens if you put steroids in the drip and let the hamster take the wheel?  I don't want to give the ending away, but suffice to say the hamster doesn't fare well.

Another study focuses on the criminal records of steroid abusers.  We'll review that one too since it would be nice to know if 'roid rage' is really that bad.  We'll take a look at the relationship between steroids and opiates (like heroin and morphine) as well.  And we'll dig into the occasional, randomized trial in which healthy volunteers are given brief courses of high dose anabolic steroids to see how their bodies handle it.

What's the point?  Why not just get to the punch lines and tell you what the studies reveal?

Well, you're certainly at liberty to skim and skip as you like.  But with all the misinformation and disinformation floating about the internet, I thought it would be nice if everyone got a better feel for how the scientific process worked, that way people would be duly skeptical the next time they heard someone touting a new a pill that would turn them into a mountain of muscle without pickling their liver, screwing up their hormones, or messing with their head.  If the computer gods cooperate, I'll even try to throw in a few animations to keep things from getting too dry.

Fair enough?  Good.  Then let's get started with our review.