Efrain Anthony Marrero Foundation

Efrain Anthony Marrero was a devoted son, a loving brother, and an inspiration to his community.  Efrain, however, was also a committed athlete, and he wanted to bring his football game up a notch, move from lineman to middle linebacker.  So he did what half a million other kids were doing - he started taking anabolic steroids.  The baby fat gave way to thick layers of muscle and Efrain's bench press jumped by a hundred pounds.  Unfortunately, steroids don't just bolster strength.  They can damage the liver, the kidneys, the cardiovascular system . . . and, as in Efrain's case, they can wreak havoc on the brain, leaing to paranoia, psychosis, depression, and rage.

Still, Efrain could have been one of the lucky ones.  Should have been.  His parents were tuned in, and owing to the strength of their family bond, Efrain confided in them before it was too late.  As for Efrain's parents, they did exactly the right thing - they showed their son love and support, sought counseling, and had Efrain discontinue the steroids after medical consultation.  Why then, three weeks later, did Efrain put a gun to his head?

The story is tragic.  And the broader tragedy is that Efrain's plight will play itself out over and over, and that young men and women will continue to fall needlessly until we, as a society, address anabolic steroids in a serious manner.   Through its TEAM F.A.S.T. program, The Efrain Anthony Marrero Foundation is dedicated to helping us make that change.  Please visit www.nosteroids.org for more information, and while you're there, be sure to check out this insightful video by world renowned steroid expert, Dr. Charles Yersalis.