Broken Brother

Broken Brother is not a comforting story.  Rather, it's a immersive journey into the lives of Rebecca and David Steibel, a well intentioned pair of sibling teens who get dragged into the world of anabolic steroids.  And while this isn't meant to be a spoiler, I think it's fair to say that Rebecca and David's journey will be a difficult one, marked by poor decisions and missed opportunities, and that both siblings will be transformed in the end. 

This book was written for every teen who loves sports, or who's been bullied or otherwise abused, or wanted a better physique for social reasons.  It’s also meant for parents and teachers, coaches and school administrators, doctors, nurses, and trainers, all of whom are in a unique position to spot teens and tweens in trouble and lend them a hand before it’s too late.

Once I have my varied websites in order, I'll be posting the opening pages of the novel so you can get a sense of the story, and at that time, I'll provide a means to share feedback.

Thanks for your interest.

Rob Penczak