Thanks for coming by.  I'd like to take a couple of minutes to orient you to the site.

First off, you'll see different menu options and have different pages available to you based on whether you're a visitor or one of the participants from the show. 

For the small handful of people who work on Road to Reason, I hope this area can serve as a home base where we can bat around possible topics, discuss potential guests, share notes, and address scheduling or technical issues that need to be worked out - with all of that info automatically getting tucked into a database so it's not lost and forgotten two days later.

For viewers, I'd like this site to serve as a convenient on and off ramp for Road to Reason, where you can find past episodes and get the scoop on future shows through our calendar.  Depending on the level of involvement we get (and the level of civility members extend toward one another when discussing divisive issues), I'm also open to adding other features that can help us gel as a community - from forums, to a multi-user blog, to polls, feedback forms, and so on.  Dissent and debate are welcome, as are suggestions on how to improve both the site and the show, but trolls and spammers will be summarily executed - or at least have their IP addresses blocked.

One last thing I need to make clear is that the material on this site (and on the show, for that matter) isn't endorsed by Fairfax Public Access (FPA); FPA simply allows us to film in its studios.  Further, while those of us involved with the show share many values as humanists, secularists, and skeptical thinkers - not to mention, uncloseted atheists  - we've all taken different paths through life and will naturally hold different opinions on many issues.  Thus if and when one of us makes a boneheaded statement, as is likely to happen from time to time either during a live taping or perhaps when scrawling something on the internet, it would be a mistake to assume we're all on the same page with said foolishness unless we've specifically signed on to that particular nugget, in which case, please feel free to treat the offending parties with due scorn,