Saved by Science & Humanism: Dare to Care!

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Welcome to the Saved by Science & Humanism: Dare to Care regional conference presented on April 13th-14th of 2019 by Greater Richmond Humanists with the generous support of its parent organizations - Washington Area Secular Humanists (WASH) and the American Humanist Association (AHA) - along with other key contributors (to be announced shortly) who've helped make this conference possible.

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Please note that the conference will take place at two separate venues:

General Information about the Conference:

Our country stands at a curious inflection point, with religious zealots perched in some of the highest offices even as the allure of fundamentalism crumbles, and where scientific illiteracy and denialism echo through the halls of power, despite that science and reason offer the only compass by which we may yet mitigate the damage of climate change and navigate such civilizational dangers as lie on our horizon. Then there’s our perverse march backward in history, with the gutting of voting rights, a renewed assault on women, a brazen antipathy toward marginalized communities, and the stripping away of human dignity in the name of tribalism, nativism, hatred and fear. If you are disturbed by these trends and would like to alter our course, this conference is for you!

So please mark your calendars (or better yet - reserve your seat - and join an inspiring collection of activists, authors, educators, and secular leaders in Richmond, Virginia for a conference that will focus on:

  • science broadly defined – with a particular emphasis on evolution, climate change, and the foundational role critical thinking plays in helping us understand reality, identify potential problems, and make wise decisions

  • humanitarian principles – with an examination of the inequitable conditions faced by marginalized communities; an inclination to proactively address big picture problems that reach beyond our own narrow interests; and a full-throated embrace of secular ethics

  • civic activism and political engagement - which allow us to channel comprehension and concern into beneficial social reform

Anchored by the directors and founders of major secular organizations; by secular individuals who’ve sought public office and by grassroots organizers with the passion and expertise to change how we do politics; by proponents of science, secularism, and expanding the pool of people we care about, this conference gives us the opportunity to put Richmond on the map as a hub for Humanist activity. Lunch and dinner options will be available for purchase ahead of time for your convenience. If you would like to save on that cost or have specific dietary restrictions, you are also welcome to bring your own meals for the conference.

For those of you coming from out of town, we've secured a room rate of $109 per night at the Hyatt at Richmond/Arboretum. More info on the GiveLively page where you can book a room and reserve tickets for one or both days of the conference along with optional meals.

Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. Appreciate your interest and hope to see you there!